What To Do In The Coronavirus Pandemic As A Nomadic Traveler?

Welcome again to TheChiefsCabin,
So you have been wondering to yourself on what to do as a traveler, backpacker, van lifer or a nomad in general in this pandemic. Well the answer is quite simple. STOP FOCUSING ON IT!! … please allow me to explain, what you focus on is what grows. Where attention flows, is where energy goes.

If you sit feeling afraid of something that you can’t control or see, then you have literally given your power away and you end being a slave to fear. You see, we travelers are freedom seekers. Most of us are fearless to things that to the general population they are saturated with fear. If you are a backpacker, I bet the general person would think you are weird. But we don’t give any energy to them.

Therefore, it is good to stop being a slave to fear. I am here to tell you that if you are afraid you can never travel. Because of FEAR paralysis. Therefore, it is important, that you take the power into yourself. Let that power in you to be embraced by your body. Don’t worry about coronavirus symptoms humans or anything like that. Just focus on YOU. The best way to do is simply to boost your body. Here are a few things that I found that are powerful in boosting our bodies.

1) Herbs & Supplements
2) Movement & Excercise
3) Fresh Oxygen
4) Brainwashing the brain with positive information
5) Prayer & Meditation
6) Connection with like-minded folk – The fearful ones are stuck in their holes, so those are not your tribe anyways.

I am sure you know about most of this stuff already. It is your duty to embrace your power and not give it away to no one to mers coronavirus cdc or whatever. Time to rise up my fellow travelers. Expand and ascend.

Until next time.

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