How Does Living In A Van Feels Like?​

Have you ever sat one day and wondered how it would be like to be living in a van? Or how it would be like to be so free that every day would be a total new adventure? well … I sure have. I been there.

I remember sitting in class back in the day in the university wondering and asking myself the exact same question. I was wondering how it would be like to be living the van life. And lo and behold, it manifested. And once it manifested I decided to quit University.

I lived in my van for 4 years straight back in Canada. I drove from coast to coast. Seen everything in between. And let me tell you. IT WAS AWESOME! literally the best times of my life. I thank God every single day for blessing with those years. The joy I feel when I think about those days is beyond comprehension. Me and my van been in every single situation imaginable, from parking down the mountains of British Colombia in absolute bliss, to parking at literally by the front door of a crime scene. Living the van life is never dull. And not a single day did i ever find myself to be bored.

So are you thinking about beginning your journey? I am here to tell you, think no more and do it. I promise you, you will not regret it.

Here is me with my lady living the van life


Living the Van Life is rewarding in many areas. If you are wondering man, where can I buy a van? well honestly my suggestion would to find a van on craigslist, kijiji or a car auction.

This blog is all about living the van life. Feel free to check my other posts for more van life, backpacking, and nomadic insights.

Safe journeys brother/sister


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