The Water Bottle That Every Nomad Should Have And it is Absolutely Insane!

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So about a month ago I was asking myself this question “Man wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a water bottle that I could use in order to drink water from anywhere”

And not even a few weeks later I came across the craziest and most awesome invention mankind has ever invented! Straight up.

It’s called Puritii water bottle! This beautifully and simply crafted water bottle will literally transform any type of water into drinkable water. Whether it’s from a swamp or from a puddle in the street! This is freakin insane! And the tech in this thing is ridiculously simple. This is literally the most ideal water bottle for any traveler. And It’s definitely an ideal for a backpack! so if you’re a backpacker or a bike rider, or even if you’re a van lifer then you totally wanna check this out!

Matter of fact I will stop talking and you all can watch this video. This guy is doing a great review.

The link to the bottle is down below.

Click Here To Get Puritii Water Bottle


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One Comment

  • The first thing that came to mind with this water bottle is using it for survival. Now obviously you can use it for many other reasons but I literally thought of purifying water in a survival situation. I may keep this in mind for a long time until I get one.


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