The Best Vans for Living the Van Life

So you have been wondering about the van life. You have been thinking on what is the best van for you to live the van life. What van should you choose for living the van life in all of its glory. Well, allow me to help you in answering these questions.

I know for a fact that choosing the right van could be challenging at first. Because I have been there. However, let me tell you that it was all in my head. I was over thinking it.

To live in a van, and to figure out what is the right van and best van to live van life requires simply you choosing to live the van life! Basically what I am saying here, is that any van will do as long as it is well maintained.

The main initial questions you need to ask yourself are the following:

how much money do I have? How much I am welling to spend in buying a van.

The second question you must ask yourself when going about buying a van is, is this van going to cost me an arm and a leg in maintenance costs?

The third question is, if my van breaks, can I find parts for this van easily wherever I am traveling?

Because say for example you live in the US, it is then a good idea to buy cars made in the US because of the availability of parts.

Obviously here I am assuming you aren’t mechanically savvy, but of course if you are good mechanically, then by all means buy any van you want and customize it however you want. That is my goal anyways. To fully pimp out my van.

So in conclusion my friend, the best van for living the van life, is what ever van YOU choose. Because this van life is all about YOU.

Safe journies,

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