Review: Heimplanet Mavericks – The Best Extreme Conditions Tent?

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So I recently was asking myself, what is the best tent for camping and especially camping in extreme conditions? As a van lifer in and a traveler in the upper parts of Canada, I need a tent that has features similar to a cabin tent, or 4 man pop up tent, family tent or simply a grow tent. And also I need a tent that would be good for my dog. Basically I am on the hunt for a tent that would suit me well in my journeys in the northern climate, and lo and behold I stumbled upon this tent. It is called Mavericks by Heimplanet. It is literally one of the best tents I found out there for my extreme camping purposes. And not only that, it is actually a dome! which is super cool!

Oh and did I not mention? IT IS MADE IN THE USA!

This multi-purpose tent MAVERICKS is especially designed for extreme conditions. For example, it can be used as base camp or a group tent. It offers an internal height of two-meters and more than 13-square meters of ground space. The whole tent can be setup by a single person in literally no time. Its special geodesic structure is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 180km/h. It was used during the Red Bull Storm Chase – which is one of the most extreme windsurfing challenges.


So this tent has multi chamber safety system, and that means it has ten chambers offer emergency stability in case of a defect and ensures easy repair / replacement of parts of the Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG).


The inflatable frame offers impressive stability. Thanks to the geodesic principle, guy lines are only necessary in extreme conditions. Even if the wind force should exceed the structure?s capability, there are no parts that can break. Mavericks is designed to handle wind speeds up to 180 km/h.


Three doors ensure easy access under all circumstances. Three TPU-windows allow a good all-round view to outside.

Several closable vents at the bottom and the top offer great ventilation for this single-wall tent.


The groundsheet can be easily removed. Snow flaps ensure that the inside is protected from wind, sand and snow at any time.


Air Frame: Recyclable material

Outer layer: Extra stiff and resistant High Tenacity Polyester

Inner layer: Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Fly Sheet: 50 D High Tenacity Polyester Double Mini Ripstop, TPU laminated 10,000 mm

Ground Sheet: 210 D Oxford Nylon, PU 10,000 mm

Sleeping place for 10 persons or a whole lot of equipment.

Inner Diameter: 410 cm (13 feet, 5 inches)

Ground area: 13.2 sqm (142 square feet)

Overall height: 234 cm (7 feet, 8 inches)

Internal height: 200 cm (6 feet, 7 inches)

Pack size: 85 x 55 x 45 cm (33.5 x 21.5 x 17.5 inch)

Weight: 25,9 kg (57.1 lbs)

For everyone who loves traveling and simplicity! Inflatable frame and outer tent work as one unit and only need to be assembled on the very first setup. From the second time on you just need to pump it up.

Something else I would like to mention. It sure might be of the pricey side but it is definitely an investment for premium US made product. Which as we all know is high quality.

Check this tent out right here

May this help you in your extreme journeys.

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