How to Live in a Van: 9 Things to Consider.

Alright, so you went to Google and you searched for ways to live in a van, or camper vans, and lo and behold you ended up here. Well let me tell you something. You stumbled upon the right place.

As someone who lived in a van full time on the Canadian roads, I have learnt a thing or two about living in a van. Here are few things you need to think about as you go about your van dwelling journey.

1) Choose the RIGHT van for your needs.

When I was in Canada I lived in a 1998 Chevrolet Astro van. I lived in it as a single man, and as coupled man as well. And it was super comfortable even for two people. The main thing that I needed for my van was comfort. And to be specific. I wanted a comfortable bed in my van.

2) Choose a van that is WELL maintained.

My astro van or you could say campervan, was a well maintained vehicle. I bought the van originally from a beautiful family from a small town in Saskatchewan. It was almost like brand new. It had seats however as you can tell I removed them. It was so well maintained that she was able to take me from the west coast all the way to the east coast and back.

3) Don’t drive too much off-road.

This one is dependent on your type of van or campervan. But its just obvious if it isn’t made for off road, then don’t drive too much off road. For me however, I didn’t care but that of course costed me maintenance costs.

4) Going to the toilet is easy.

All you have to do is carry toilet paper if you don’t mind doing the number 2 in the bush. However, most don’t like that idea, and I second that. I prefer a comfortable toilet. The good thing is there is always a toilet around. Believe it or not I never had any issue finding a toilet. Something else worthy of mention. If your van is big enough, get a compost toilet.

5) Have the right phone coverage, and also your charger.

This is self explanatory. Just make sure you are with a company that covers most of your country.

6) Have a jumper lead just in case.

This is important. I can’t tell you how many times I killed my battery because I forget a light on. It is a super good idea to have jumper lead nearby.

7) For food, I never ate cooked foods.

I have always eaten foods that were easy to eat. Since I went vegan, all I need was fruit and nuts. And I was always satisfied.

8) look up for your local dumpster diving community on FaceBook

Trust me, this is not as disgusting as it sounds. WELL maybe but it depends on the dumpster. Dumpster diving is an art. I kid you not, there are communities of Facebook that all they do is get free food. Fresh too. Find your local one, and contact some members. You’ll be surprised how awesome and friendly they are.

9) Avoid cities, enjoy the countryside.

That is just me, but I strongly believe in the energetics of a place. I always found the countryside to be more wholesome, for my soul and for my mind … speaking of which, I will go right now outside to have a nice fresh air 🙂

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  • hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. although i doubt that i will be able to go all vegan, every other steps are really needed and this is very helpful

  • Dude, I have been wanting to do this for a while. I’m an introvert, so from time to time I would be having these thoughts of going off-grid and isolate my self in a cabin or something but this Van thing is a great idea. 

    I’m a vegan myself so it would be great if you would mention what fruits and nuts you took exactly. Plus how do you spend your time during this period?

    Thanks for sharing such a fun and great article. Will definitely try this out.

    • That is awesome man! Yes it is a great lifestyle my friend. For fruits I simply suggest fruits like apples and oranges, and dried ones. For them nuts, honestly, what I love is the cashews. Its my favorite.

  • Hello, your guide on Live in a van Is awesome. You listed all things while choose to stay in a van.  I have learnt a thing or two about living in a van. Here are few things we need to think about as we go about our van dwelling journey. I also wanted a comfortable bed in my van. The bed that you chose fitted your  van perfectly. Thanks for sharing your awesome guide.

  • Hello there! Amazing article you’ve got here as it simply and practically explains all it takes to live in a van. For me, I consider it an adventure and vegans are likely to survive it more than anyone who attempts it. My question is, you said you get satisfied by eating easy foods without cooking, how then do I manage the expenses since cooking is more economical?

    • Good question, I found that fruits especially when bought from local fruit shop is cheap. Especially what they have left over. You might find few bad apples but I could literally get a box of fruit for 5$ which is pretty crazy. I enjoy nuts too and nuts are usually cheap. I try to find local shops rather than super markets 🙂


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