Are You a Raw Vegan Vanlifer? Have Dirty Fruits? Here is a good tip

Are you a raw vegan? Do you live in a van, in a car or in an RV? or perhaps you are considering it but you have some issues about integrating the raw vegan lifestyle with the van life. Well if you are considering to live van life, here is something small I’d like to share with you the truly helped me in my healthy lifestyle endeavors.

As you are probably been aware of that when we live the vanlife, we are usually limited on having a sink to wash our fruits from pesticides and such. And so I found a small tip that honestly have helped me maintain a hygienic fruitarian lifestyle. This thing I am talking about is quite simple. It is basically this.

Yup just a lettuce spinner, I think it’s also called salad spinner. This thing is its quite effective in cleaning the fruits and especially grapes because they are full of nasty stuff if they aren’t organic. I find myself keeping this in my van, and I consider it one of the vanlife accessories. You see some people think living the camper van life can be nasty but in all honesty for me, I found myself eating cleaner and more healthy while I am in a van compared when I was living in apartment. But that’s just me. Anyhow definitely consider getting one of these salad spinners if you are planning to eat lots of fruits on the road.

Hope this tip be of benefit to you,


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