Are You A Balding Nomad?

Are you a balding man? who happens to be a traveler? A nomad? Well welcome to the club. I am a man living in a van. I am also a man who happens to be a backpacker. And I am suffering from hair loss. Big time.

It started around 2014 after my break up, and due to stress attacking me from every angle. Break up, university, family issue, different country, finances, bad diet, etc …. All of this stress on my body have contributed to my hair loss.

You see hair loss mainly happens due to stress on the body which translates to stress on the organs. For example, a shot hormonal system contributes to hair loss.

Also, when our psyches are shot due to break ups for example, that also contributes to hair loss. Not to mention, that during depression we men tend to eat a lot of shit. One big shit I used to eat is stress-filled, fear-filled steaks and burgers. Man I used to eat that three times a day.

However, in my research I found that the main reason for hair loss is lack of blood flow in the head, which contributes to calcification of the skin and also contributes fibrosis.

With all of these stressors combined, hair loss is the outcome.

Enter this company that I found, they are called HairGuard.

The way they explain how to treat this is quite fascinating. Science based as well as common sense based. They address all the major points of hair loss. Obviously it takes time to regrow hair. I am currently on Month #1. Feel free to check them out.

I will make sure to update my journey 6 months from now.

Healing journeys to you,

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  • Hi Ali, hair is our crown and therefore deserve special attention!
    I believe there are many people, and I am one of them, experiencing the loss of hair, more due to medication, as well as the quality of each strand.
    Thank you for your thorough article explaining all the reasons why it can get thinner and thinner, and for offering us a solution.
    It is worthwhile trying!
    Will follow your progress.


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